First Gulf International, Inc. is a medical equipment supply company and general contractor specialized in "turnkey" Hospital Package Deals. Founded over 38 years ago in 1981, and headquartered in Houston, Texas this corporation has numerous diverse projects all over the globe. FGI has successfully completed over 60 mid- and large-scale projects for hospitals, universities, clinics, medical centers and laboratories around the world. Additionally, FGI boasts its experience in and awareness for the specific needs of the markets in the Middle East and North Africa.


FGI is committed to its client's satisfaction by recognizing and attaining their outlined objectives. We work strategically and place emphasis on successfully completing projects within the time constraints and set parameters of our clientele. Thus, our commitment to critical thinking is balanced by an integral empathy that results in both improved project outcomes and positive working experiences for our clients.


We are highly experienced in a wide range of Hospital Package Deals and are the most capable turnkey healthcare facility construction company in the world. FGI turnkey services include hospital architecture, interior design, technology planning, construction, floor renovation, medical equipment procurement, shipping, installation, commissioning, staff training, facility management, and maintenance.


First Gulf International provides the American Standard of Healthcare to hospitals all around the world by acting as a single source for American made medical equipment and technology. Excellence in quality is the key to success, and that is why the medical equipment FGI provides are made in the USA and EU.


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