First Gulf International has provided Turnkey Hospital Package Deals to hospitals locally, nationally, and internationally for over 38 years. This wide range of experience has led to the development of a systematic and comprehensive equipment furnishing methodology. Our approach has made us successful and capable of executing complex projects requiring the coordination of multiple phases including exterior architecture, interior technology planning & design, construction, floor renovation, medical equipment procurement, logistics & installation, training, management, and warranty & maintenance.


Our work plan includes:

• Architectural design for the exterior of the hospital to produce both a dynamic and aesthetic healthcare facility.

• Strategically designing the interior layouts of the hospital floors to ensure quality of patient care.

• Planning the space allocation of medical equipment technology and furniture.

• Preparing medical equipment listings for each room identified on the architectural space program.

• Creating a comprehensive and low-cost budget of high quality American and European made equipment.

• Reviewing and coordinating all drawings submitted by manufacturers and/or vendors.

• Coordinating equipment changes and updates with architects, engineers, and contractors.

• Constructing the hospital to meet client requirements after careful architectural planning.

• Renovating the floors of existing healthcare facilities, such as the walls and ceilings, to accommodate the electric, water, gas, air conditioning, and space requirements of the medical equipment and furniture.

• Procuring the highest quality medical equipment and technology from the best manufacturers in the USA and EU.

• Tracking the receipt and export of medical equipment and furniture from our logistics department in our large capacity warehouse in Houston.

• Providing on-site delivery and allocation of equipment to designated rooms in the hospital.

• Installing the medical equipment and supervising the effort from start to completion.

• Monitoring, updating and coordinating all changes to equipment and utility requirements through installation.

• Commissioning the medical equipment by testing, reporting, and verifying its proper functionality.

• Coordinating on-site staff training at the hospital and off-site staff training at university hospitals, medical schools, and equipment manufacturers in the USA.

• Managing the healthcare facility with highly experienced doctors, nurses, and staff.

• Providing medical equipment warranty and maintenance as required.

• Transitioning the healthcare facility to the owner at opening ceremony by presenting a tour of the facility.


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