Staff Training is vital to the quality of care and successful treatment of all patients.

First Gulf International is affiliated with the most prestigious hospitals in the USA.

As a result, we are capable of offering staff training for foreign doctors and nurses at top tier American hospitals and medical schools. We can provide healthcare training for any type of medical procedure.

Staff Training is divided into 2 Programs

The Off-Site Training Program


The  On-Site Training Program


The Off-Site Training Program

• Schedule international training for hospital staff at medical equipment manufacturer headquarters, hospitals, and the top tier medical schools in the USA.

• Manage visas for travelers, airline tickets, transportation, lodging, food, and accommodations.





The On-Site Training Program

• Schedule complete hospital walk-through or “tour” demonstrating the background and use of different medical equipment, systems, and technology.

• Arrange specialized meetings between hospital staff & FGI personnel for the clinical use and service of medical equipment.


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