New Techniques in Technology Planning & Design

First Gulf International has innovated the technology planning and design work sessions by utilizing the simultaneous screen projections of CAD drawings and equipment listings. All participants agree that this methodology greatly enhances the completion of the installation process.


This interactive effort enables us to suggest real-time changes made to their room layouts and the selection and location of a space’s equipment. Take for example, the space a ceiling mounted modular operating room light would need, or the space of a capital item such as a CT-Scan or MRI requires. These planning details are taken into careful consideration once we begin working on a project, and support the preservation of time by ensuring a fast, errorless on-site installation phase.

Strategic Thinking

First Gulf International recently completed turnkey hospital package deals supported by Master Facility Plans for hospitals and laboratories worldwide.


Our uniquely extensive relationships with medical equipment and medical furniture manufacturers has enabled us to not only understand the cost of the new equipment required related to the proposed facility plans but also any costs associated with the need to upgrade their current technology base.

Technological Expertise

As technology continues to evolve, it has a direct impact on clinical operations as well as the design of the overall space it occupies. On several projects, First Gulf International has taken a proactive involvement in the design of highly specialized clinical areas that involve symbiotic integration of different technologies.


We have worked with various manufacturers, clinicians and project coordinators on the design of a MRI Surgical Suite; an Interventional Cath Lab and an Ambulatory Operating Suite of the Future. Technologies involved include Imagining (Fluoro, X-ray, Ultrasound). Interactive Video, Medical Gases and Lighting, PACS, Information Technologies, and Data/Communications.


-Images on the left illustrate C-Arm X-ray planning and in Surgical Suite.


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