The First Gulf International Advantage

First Gulf International selects only the highest quality American made medical equipment and furniture during the procurement phase.


The medical equipment and furniture that FGI supplies are:

High Quality;

Predominantly made in the USA and EU;

Technologically advanced & Newest model;

Complies with electric system of 120V or 230V;

Warranty of 1 Year or more;

and Includes Accessories


Medical Equipment Procurement

Our company has extensive relationships with the leading medical equipment manufacturers in the United States of America and Europe. In fact, FGI is responsible for the business expansion of numerous American medical equipment manufacturers into the Middle East and North Africa region. We personally believe and know that our organization is the best medical equipment supply company in not only the United States of America, but the world.


First Gulf International is an international distributor of numerous medical equipment manufacturers  due to our long history with American medical equipment manufacturers. The experience and knowledge our staff has is incomparable to any other company. Our objective is to supply hospitals and healthcare facilities around the globe with the American Standard of Healthcare!

Made in the USA and EU

                                from the ICU

                                           to the Operating Room


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