Integrated Logistics Capability

Utilizing our industry knowledge and competitive advantage, we were able to develop a system for tracking inventory in our warehouse. This assured us that every item we purchased was received from vendors and that it was in our possession. Furthermore, we divided the numerous departments of a hospital into groups, and scheduled the export of department inventory to the job-site as the group became readily available.


By doing so, First Gulf International is able to chronicle warehouse logistics. We have revolutionized the logistics process and are capable of accelerating the shipping of equipment to job-site.

The Shipping & Logistics Management Plan

First Gulf International has a large, professional and fully managed warehouse in Houston, Texas. The warehouse acts as a temporary storage hub for all the medical equipment and furniture that is being shipped to us from manufacturers all across the United States. It is from there that we receive and divide equipment into groups in preparation for international shipping and ultimate installation in the hospital.

Logistics Work Plan by Country


USA, Houston- FGI Warehouse

• Develop schedules for vendor deliveries to warehouse and/or job-site.

• Manage the receipt and verification of purchased equipment, as generated by warehouse staff, and monitor inventory.

• Manages receipts, tagging, storage, and phased delivery to the job site, of new equipment.

• Monitor and verify freight damage and damage reports.

• Schedule phased equipment deliveries to client’s port city.


Client Country- Port

• Customs clearance

• Manage the receipt of containers.

• Monitor and verify freight damages and damage reports.

• Separate containers by scheduled stage of equipment deliveries to local warehouse.

• Manage freight forwarding to warehouse.


Client Country- Warehouse

• Manage the receipt of containers.

• Monitor and verify freight damages and damage reports.

• Job-site/building readiness assessments.

• Pre-installation building access requirements.

• Schedule freight forwarding to hospital.


Client Country- Hospital

• Schedule installation and in-service for purchased equipment items.

• Inside delivery to final location (inside the hospital).

• Coordinate all equipment relocations on a room-by-room basis.


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