The professional installation of medical equipment, technology, and furniture is imperative to the unimpaired functionality of all healthcare facilities.

First Gulf International has unparalleled knowledge of installing medical equipment and technology in hospitals all over the world, with over 38 years of experience FGI can provide a team of the most qualified and specialized biomedical engineers in the industry.


After medical equipment and furniture is delivered to its final location within the hospital, then the installation phase begins.


Installation is coordinated in regards to the necessities of each department in the hospital. Moreover, the installation effort is broken down by the time allocation needed to set up medical equipment and furniture. Complex capital equipment may at times require the simultaneous work of multiple FGI biomedical engineers. Despite that, there will be a lot of other biomedical engineers, technicians, and laborers working on-site throughout the hospital complex.


During the installation phase First Gulf International manages:

• Pre-Installation Building Access Requirements;

• Allocation of medical equipment to each room in the hospital;

• Unpacking boxes;

• Equipment Installation;

• Biomedical Engineer & Laborer Management;

• Equipment Integration & Certification;

• Equipment Tagging;

• Documentation;

• Cleaning Installation Area;

• Disposing of Rubbish;

• and Punchlist/Completion Checklist.


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